Unique ideas on how to style a summer coat in 2021

Woman with a blue jacket 1

Summer fashion trends are always something to look out for. It’s the season when everyone wants to look at their very best, making the job of finding summer outfits very important. When creating your summer capsule, remember that a summer coat can be a fantastic addition. This article will highlight the unique ways and creative ideas of how you could style a summer coat in 2021. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Before the styling, think about function and practicality

A summer coat for women is something that shouldn’t be just about looks alone. Whilst picking something that is fashionable and trendy, remember that a good quality summer coat will have to keep you warm and comfortable on the cooler days too. Thus, when you’re out shopping for a coat in stores or online, keep in mind that reading the label is an important part of the process.

Frequently enough, most of us are tempted by looks and aesthetics over function in clothing. However, we want to encourage you to stay away from clothes that are less durable, compromise on comfort, or are made of less sustainable materials, that won’t last as long. When purchasing a pink summer coat or in fact, any and all of your clothes make sure you understand the materials they are made of and only commit to the purchase if the clothes are meeting the expectations for comfort.

Breathability, softness, protection from wind and rain are key qualities to look for when choosing a women’s coat.  The hems should be tidy whilst the fabric should feel pleasant for the skin. If you’re thinking of adding it to your capsule wardrobe, make sure you can think of at least 3 different looks with the coat from what’s currently in your wardrobe. Otherwise, keep looking!

Woman with an orange jacket

Bright leather coat for a rainy day

Street fashion saw a huge resurgence of leather and even latex clothing in  2020 and 2021. Especially noticeable were brightly colored leather overcoats and trench coats – it’s the definition of contemporary clothing in fashion catalogs, you mostly see them being worn on a rainy day. Thus, you can definitely pull off a look that’s both eye-catching and very practical.

Leather is great in wet weather because it’s naturally water-resistant. Whereas suede, wool, or any other common materials are very likely to soak up moisture, a long summer coat from leather won’t do that. Look to mix and match the coat with your accessories (handbag, earrings, etc.) to personalize your look.

A belted summer coat with elegant heels

Even though leather jumped into the street fashion scene for this year, the belted trench coat remains one of the most popular options around. Depending on the color and the fit, you can find something that’s elegant, formal, and business-like or on the contrary is more casual, colorful, unique, and will make you stand out in the crowd.

If you want something that will transition well from daytime to evening, or even informal to formal occasions, t, may we suggest a white summer coat for women’s wear from linen? This particular model is made sustainably from linen, making the production waste-free. Linen is breathable, allowing air to flow in and out, which is what you want during summer. When the temperatures can change so quickly, you should be looking for a lightweight, breezy and comfy coat that will protect you without making you too warm. In general, these types of coats are very versatile from a look standpoint too. Pair them with any kind of heels for maximum elegance.

An oversized cocoon coat with sweats

The world of fashion is constantly changing. One of the best pieces of evidence for this is the change of perception towards sweats. Back not so long ago, they were considered as the choice for athletes after practice or to wear at home. But now, both bright-colored and more neutral, casual sweats can be considered a fashion statement. More relaxed and baggy pants, as well as jumpers, are really comfortable to wear. In 2021, this trend continues, and if you wish to fit in an urban environment, this might be the look for you.

Don’t forget the fact that you could be wearing a long coat above your sweats. One more recommendation – the jacket should always be of a darker shade than your sweats (or of the same tone). A long cocoon summer coat seems like the obvious choice in this category.

Since you’re obviously going for comfort, make sure to pick lighter, possibly thinner coats for wearing. Sweats can make it quite warm underneath which is why you don’t want a thick and warm coat on this occasion.

A long overcoat with a long dress and black sandals

As the last tip, we’d like to give you a whole outfit as an idea. Let’s start from the top. If you’re able to find a longer overcoat that runs a bit below your knees, this is a great start. Make sure to combine it with a long summer dress. This makes a subtly mysterious, sort of Middle-East-inspired, but at the same time a very contemporary look. The dress should have a looser fit to not draw too much attention away from the coat.

And as a cherry on top, you can pick up black sandals that are a true star of the season. Wearing them with an all-blue combination of a coat and dress can be something straight from the fashion magazine. This look even has the versatility that allows you to pack in a few similarly-colored accessories like sunglasses, a handbag, etc.