How to pick the best women’s coats for your body shape?

Woman in a long darn grey coat

One of the important style rules is to understand your body shape well and know the clothes that complement it. Although fashion trends constantly change, there are just some fits that suit better than others, and that never change. In this article, we will focus on women’s coats and how to choose the best one for your body shape. So, whether you’re looking to prepare for a colder season or just want to refresh your capsule wardrobe, here’s all you have to know about the best women’s winter coats for your body shape.

First off – what types of women’s coats are there?

Coats are usually divided into at least 10 different types. In general, you have two groups – long and short coats. They are further subdivided into many different types. We’ll list the most popular and best-known ones.

  • The trench coat – as the name suggests, it’s great around moisture and when it’s wet. Made from waterproof materials, the trench coat has a very classy vibe and suits almost any season and occasion. It’s a blend of fashion and function.

  • The parka – always growing in popularity, the parka is a blend of coat and winter jacket. The main distinctions of parka-type women’s winter coats are a zipper on the front and a hood, trimmed with fur.

  • A polo coat – a long coat with a double breast section that is buttoned together. Polo coats can be quite colorful and have a belt or a half-belt at the back. Polo coats are mostly renowned for their boxy shape and very subtle, neutral look.

  • Overcoat – this one is best described as being the longest of the pack. It can extend below the knee, sometimes even reaching the ankles. It’s a classy fit.

  • Puffer – the puffer is usually a type of women’s winter coats as they’re commonly filled with down for more warmth without the loss of breathability. Puffer type of coats are usually considered to be trendy and contemporary.

How to know what goes best with your body shape?

Coats are worn as the outer-most layer. This means that they will be the most recognizable item of clothing when outside, together with your shoes and a handbag. We will try to give you a few pointers and tips on what you can wear, according to your body shape. However, please keep in mind that these are just suggestions and tips. If you can wear anything with confidence – it’s going to look good regardless. With that being said, it’s just easier to make certain things fit.

Woman in a light brown coat

Petite physique

For ladies with a petite body shape, you should consider wearing something with a belt. In terms of length, the extremes usually work well here – opt in for a short jacket, or choose a long overcoat. Thus, a lady with a petite figure should seek either something like a denim jacket, a pea coat (a model of coat which extends to about your thighs), or go a completely different route and pick from women’s long winter coats category.

Apple shape

Ladies with this body shape should strive to pick coats that place the focus away from their waist. A-line coats and oversized cocoon coats seem like the option you most want to go for.

An hourglass

It is often challenging to find clothes that do not fit a woman with an hourglass figure. This shape is very flattering in itself. To further highlight the already well-defined waistline, we would recommend opting for a trench coat, or a belted pea and/or polo coat for the best fit.

Inverted triangle

Inverted triangles need to focus their attention on bringing balance between the upper and lower body. Since the shoulders of women with an inverted triangle body shape are broader than their hips, it’s easy to pick something that accentuates that even more. This can make your outfit very unflattering and out of place. Looser and relaxed fit coats seem to be the top option whilst A-line coats/dresses also look really well.


The rectangle body shape is the most common amongst women who are over 5’9 (or 175cm) in height. Their height is a great feature to have when looking for coats. You can pull off a lot of oversized fits. However, the best suggestion would be to look at princess-like coats. This name is given to coats that have a puffy, dress-like bottom half that makes it seem more like a dress coat. Rectangle body shape is one of few that can pull it off.

Conclusion and final thoughts

We hope that this guide was useful to you. Even though every one of us can pull off many types of clothes, it’s important to know what goes best with your body shape. By knowing the best parts about yourself, you can make sure you find the clothes that compliment your shape, including women’s wool coats and any other items.

Certain body shapes are more versatile in terms of what fits well. Other body shapes are more restrictive but can look absolutely stunning if you nail your selection. Keep in mind that whichever type of coat you choose, it should be made from quality materials. Pleasant to look at and for the touch – that’s what you want from your clothes.

And finally, when you make the decision and purchase a coat, it can become something that you can even consider adding to your capsule wardrobe!