Summer coats and other items to include in your capsule wardrobe

Women's Linen Trench Coat ELEGANCE ECO Khaki

The term capsule wardrobe is used to describe a collection of clothing items that can be worn together, are interchangeable and consistent by colour and fit. Essentially, it’s a foundation of your wardrobe which always provide you with some items that you can style together and separately without having to worry too much. So, what items should you include in the capsule? Of course, it is entirely up to you, but we can give you a few pointers and insights on which garments would work best in any capsule wardrobes!

First and foremost – the overall structure of the capsule

Even though you can use this information as a guide, every person should individually determine which items suit them best. Advice for the number of items in the capsule varies from 10 to 50, which can be confusing. As a rule of thumb, you should consider how varied the weather across the four seasons of the year is. The more varied the weather, the more items you will need. On the other hand, the goal of the capsule wardrobe is to make it easier to for you to make a choice of what to wear, so the fewer items, the easier the decision. Here’s an example breakdown of a regular capsule wardrobe:

5 to 8 pairs of shoes (heels, sneakers, boots, etc.)

5 to 7 bottoms (skirts, jeans, shorts, etc.)

2 to 4 coats and/or jackets

3 to 5 dresses

10 to 20 tops (T-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc.)

White and plain t-shirts

Regardless of whether you like to be dressy or prefer an active fit, white and monochromatic t-shirts are a must for every capsule wardrobe. They’re casual, simple, easy to get and replace, if needed.

To make sure you don’t have to replace your t-shirts too often, it’s wise to pick high quality make, so you can be confident you can wear them for at least a few seasons. Plain colours, like white, black, grey, and others do blend well with whatever else you decide to wear. They can be worn as a top layer when it’s warm or provide more comfort underneath a jacket, a sweater or other garment.

So, go ahead and add a couple of white, plain coloured t-shirts to your capsule wardrobe. It’s a very versatile and easily styled item.

A summer coat with a formal fit

A summer coat is a must-have so you are prepared for breezier and cooler days during the warm season. One of the long lasting, sustainable materials to consider is linen.

A long summer coat can be a practical choice, as it can be dressed up or down for most occasions. It will also do the trick when keeping you warm – long linen summer coat will keep you protected from winds but will at the same time be lightweight and breathable. It’s practical, and versatile – two traits you are looking for items in your capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to colour, neutral is always a safe bet, but something bright-coloured like a pink or orange summer coat can allow you to make a fashion statement every time you step outside. So, depending on the other colours in your capsule, it might be a bold move that will pay of if you like making a fashion statement.

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

For decades, the little black dress has been described as the embodiment of elegance and class. Over time, this simple, yet magnificent piece of fashion has been adapted to casual and informal wear and isn’t used only for stunning podium looks.

The most recent trends offer many unique perspectives on how you can wear it. Pop on a hat and Birkenstock sandals for a casual summer evening look, or style it with a head scarf and a brown leather belt to stay dressier. There is nothing little about how the LBD makes you feel – you can only radiate confidence and style! LBD transitions well throughout the 4 seasons, accompanied by different footwear and accessories.


Ever since its invention, jeans and denim overall have been a staple in the fashion world. For women, denim should always be at least moderately present in their capsule wardrobe. When you are limited for time or, jeans style easily with many women’s coats, with dress up or dress down tops, and almost every shoe, allowing you to look great no matter the mood.

A denim jacket is also still present in the fashion trends. It’s worth considering adding it to your capsule wardrobe.

We recommend choosing at least two different colours of denim items for your capsule wardrobe, so you can mix up your looks even if you wear jeans every day.

Floral or more luxurious prints

In the beginning of the article, we mentioned that in your capsule wardrobe, everything should be at least somewhat matching. Whether it’s the shape, the underlying colour palette or fit, you need to have harmony between the items in the capsule. With that being said, we cannot stress the importance of having something slightly more playful and exciting included, too.

A short, floral print dress or a blouse with checkers can definitely prove to be a worthy addition to the capsule. It’s going to spice things up and stand out from what’s otherwise, a very subtle bunch of garments.

Beiges and neutral colours

When it comes to colours of clothing, everyone prefers different things. And even though there is no right or wrong colour to wear, and you should wear whatever you feel confident in, it’s generally stated that the capsule wardrobe should be filled with more neutral tones – because they are so easily matched and interchanged.

Greys, beiges, dark blues, blacks, whites and similar, slightly under-the-radar tones should be abundant, if you want to have a versatile and usable capsule wardrobe. Since should you decide to just go and pick items that are bright, exciting and beautiful on their own, you’ll be left without much room for mixing and matching the different items, defeating the principal idea of the capsule wardrobe.


All things considered; you should begin assembling your perfect capsule wardrobe by determining the rough estimate of items that are going to be in it. Then, proceed to add favourable items from your current closet and slowly but surely, supplement it with the entries we mentioned in this article, if they aren’t included yet. Summer coats, LBDs, denim items and a few other garments could definitely bring more flexibility to your wardrobe!