Quilted jackets and 6 other hottest spring trends 2021

Women's Quilted Jacket LIGHT Gold Beige

The pandemic shook things up. There is no denying that. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy most of street fashion collections from 2020 spring – most of them simply faded away or perished altogether. However, the spring of 2021 seems much more exciting and promising. We’re here to give you an overlook on what clothing items you can expect to be in and on top of spring collections for 2021!

Quilted jackets – back in style

For a little while, a quilted jacket was considered obsolete from the street fashion scene. Very popular around one or two decades ago, they slowly disappeared from the fashion radar. Fortunately, we can see them making a strong comeback for the spring of 2021.

You can see a lot of fashion catalogues, boutiques and fashion influencers on social media sharing images of how they are styling something like a black quilted jacket with matching or contrasting pants, jeans, or dresses. Regardless of which route you decide to take, a women’s black quilted jacket is definitely something you want to consider adding to your wardrobe for the upcoming season. It radiates subtle elegance in its own way, while maintaining the casual feel about it.

Women’s quilted jackets are perfect for more casual outings, but can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Boyfriend style, oversized jackets

The phenomenon of boyfriend-style clothes is really impressive. With every passing season we see more and more iterations of oversized clothing. First there were T-shirts and regular shirts, then there were jeans, and now we have jackets.

For 2021, it seems that fashionistas from around the globe are looking to rock oversized jackets with shoulder pads. They can look great with both pants and skirts. Most ladies prefer neutral tones, but you can also opt for something that’s really hot in the spring of 2021, like sunny yellow, bright pink or blue.

Shorts, miniskirts, dresses

Long leg has been labelled the silhouette of this season, which means that miniskirts, short shorts and short dresses will be a hot commodity that should be flying off the shelves in preparation for late spring and summer.

Most big names in the business have introduced a lot of unique prints for miniskirts and shorts. This means that ladies shouldn’t be afraid to truly express themselves by wearing unique and stylishly looking clothing items that allow them to truly express their fashion sense and inner feelings.

Roomy trousers

Whether you love or hate them, wide pants are a trend that every designer is jumping on. They are comfortable, they go well with most footwear which makes it an ideal choice for both casual and more formal occasions.

Roomy trousers have been on the rise for about 2 years now, and no signs of slowing down seem to appear. Style single-coloured pants with heels for the most elegance.

Head scarfs

Back when Sophia Loren was the world’s most beloved actress, in the 50s and 60s, head scarves were a thing. After that, they were seemingly only used when a lady wore it with sunglasses, trying to disguise herself.

2021 promises a strong comeback for this extravagant headwear. The advantage of wearing a head scarf this spring is that you can play around with knotting and styles. From large African-style head-scarfs to smaller, biker-like bandana – the scarf and headband world is your oyster.

In terms of scarf designs themselves, it seems that most designers are swaying towards patterns and prints. Single-coloured head scarves aren’t such a big hit, but a scarf with a floral print or a checkers pattern can definitely turn a few heads.

Sustainable trench coats

Since in most places, spring weather is at least a tad bit unpredictable, it’s always great to have a stylish-looking spring coat in your closet. With more and more attention being directed towards sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, your traditional idea for the trench coat can also be challenged.

Today you can find consciously made linen trench coats, which will not only protect you from the cooler weather but also keep you feeling elegant and graceful. In terms of colours, greys, beiges, blues and oranges seem to be booming this spring.

Black face masks

Since wearing a mask has become the new norm, it’s been the biggest headache for stylists around the world. To start with, a lot of outfits seemed off, just because someone was wearing a mask. However, the fashion world has responded by swiftly introducing protective, sustainable and long-lasting facemasks that can suit your outfit well.

In the previous seasons, we have seen an influx of very colourful and unique-design face masks, but it seems that monochromatic black masks made their way to the top this season. For spring 2021, black textile facemasks seem to be the go-to choice for almost every fashion influencer and recognizable persona in fashion. Black works as the most neutral colour for a facemask.


To round things up, spring 2021 looks to be unique and exciting. Quilted jackets made a comeback and are looking like the favourite choice for a warm top-layer clothing. Oversized, boyfriend-style jackets are another must-have in your wardrobe. Short shorts, dresses and miniskirts are the rave of all the major fashion houses, something to consider the late spring. Wide-leg trousers have been steadily getting more and more popular with every season and head scarfs are certainly an item to add to your wardrobe if you are looking to stand out. Finally sustainable linen trench coats will keep you warm and guilt free, while the season’s essential black face masks will keep you and those around you safe and healthy.