How to find the best women’s raincoat online?

Women's Raincoat with Hood STORM Khaki

A raincoat is something you can expect to find in almost anyone’s wardrobe. Both fashion lovers and busy bees should have such an item. Why? Mainly because it’s very practical to wear, but also because women’s raincoats are actually quite easy to style. However, there are a lot of different makes and models available online. It may not be that easy to find the right item for you. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Let’s look at tips on how to find the best women’s raincoat with a hood online!

Do you already have a style in mind?

Without a doubt, there are many possible occasions for a raincoat. Thanks to its versatility, you can wear it to a hiking trip or go shopping downtown. Since there’s no limitation to how you can wear it, the choice is simpler if you have a particular style in mind. Are you going for the classic and elegant or bold and vivacious look?

Whatever the style, ensure it goes well with the rest of your look. When it comes to raincoats, it’s safer and in fact more practical to choose one that first with your usual style. If your style is more casual, look for a similar style raincoat, and vice versa, if you prefer to stay classy and elegant, bear this in mind when looking for a raincoat.

Our professional tip would be to scout Instagram blogs and Pinterest for styling ideas. Maybe you’ll find a cute little outfit to complete the raincoat look?

A waterproof raincoat with a hood or just water-resistant?

The first thing that pops into most of our heads when we hear raincoat is, of course, rain. But not every model is particularly suited to protect you from rain all the way. Let’s look at this example – women’s long raincoat with a hood from the-fraze. It’s water repellent which means that you can comfortably wear it during a rainy day. Because water-repellent fabrics are usually sturdier, they provide excellent protection from the wind on a gusty day too. And this one definitely stands out. It’s a trendy and elegant choice.

It may appear as if water resistance and waterproofing are used as synonyms but they’re not. Waterproofing means a higher level of resistance towards rain and moisture. Generally speaking, this material is more tailored towards technical fabrics you’d find when picking hiking or mountaineering gear. . However, when it comes to everyday clothes, water-repellent or water-resistant raincoats are perfectly enough for daily use for regular activities. Just be sure to opt for an item that has a hood. Since you don’t have all-around waterproofing, it’s good to have ways to protect your hair from the rain.

It can often be the case that waterproof fabrics, whilst being more protective, are heavier and sturdier than water-repellent ones, which are usually thinner and lighter. It’s a choice you will have to make based on your activity preferences and use.

Compositional materials – Understand what it’s made from

People generally prefer high-quality or premium-grade jackets and raincoats. This is why you see so many elegant, classic, and very casual designs being at the top year in and year out. In the past decade, there probably hasn’t been a year when a classic black women’s raincoat with a hood wasn’t in style for at least one season.

But even though style is important, it’s not everything when it comes to outerwear. A raincoat also has to offer a high degree of protection from the harsh weather. This is why you need to have the product details and know what the raincoat is made from. Almost all sellers list the Technical specifications of their clothes online. Read it carefully before buying. You don’t want to buy something that doesn’t meet your criteria.

Besides, there are good and ethical manufacturing practices that you could choose to support. For example, an increasing portion of clothing designers are making more and more items from recycled materials, like recycled polyester. The fact of the matter is, you can find numerous high-quality raincoats online that have lining or parts made from 100% recycled polyester.

Have you got the right size in mind?

Make sure to look for sizing guides and information on what the model in the picture is wearing before you buy. Even though a long women’s raincoat with a hood can be half of a size too big or too small (it’s an outer layer, so you don’t feel too much discomfort), there’s a limit to everything.

If you end up buying an item that’s too big, it will be hard for you to feel comfortable. The raincoat can be too long, too broad on the shoulders, have impossibly long sleeves, etc. On the other hand, a raincoat can be too small and fail to provide protection. If you’re in doubt about the size – you can always reach out for sizing guides or get support from customer service. They’ll help you pick.

The most important feature of finding the right size for a raincoat is choosing an item that has appropriate sleeve lengths. You want them to be just the right length. Both excessively long and short sleeves cause unnecessary discomfort.

Pick the most essential practical features

Allow us to once again stress the importance of function and practicality of a raincoat. You definitely don’t want to buy a gimmick that only looks nice. The term raincoat indicates that this clothing item is designed to be water-repellent and to protect you from harsh weather conditions. Some practical features to look out for:

  • A hood – a part of almost all raincoat models, but there are exceptions, make sure to pick a model that has a hood for extra protection.

  • Pockets – somewhere to put your keys or other little things that you might need

  • Zipper, buttons, or belt – there are many different accessories on a raincoat. Pick your favorite, they all have their pros!

  • Breathable lining – to keep you from sweating too much or getting too cold.