A buyer‘s guide – tips on picking out the best wool coat for women online

Women’s Wool Coat GENTLE color Black

Wool coats are one of a handful of clothing items that are timeless and always in style. Fits and shapes can slightly change, but the material itself, is very fashionable, year in and year out. So, such a lucrative fashion object is bound to attract attention from buyers. We understand it and thus, decided to prepare a guide for buyers. Here are a few insightful tips that will help you buy the best wool coat for women.

Analyse materials & fabrics

Wool is not some artificial substitute or lab-designed chemical compound. It’s the real deal. Nothing compares to the warmth and supple feeling that it can offer. Wool is timeless, it’s durable and feels great on your body. Thus, when buying a wool coat, make sure there is real wool inside of the coat.

Cheaper options might allure you with lower prices, but lower-grade composition means that it might not be as warm as real wool. It’s also not likely to last very long. Make sure you look at the labels and choose the coat with the highest percentage of wool.

Understand and thoroughly analyse care guides

Wool coats are high-quality items which means that they require somewhat more care. This concerns washing, ironing, and cleaning, and the better you care for the item, the longer it will last

The information will be on the label, but it’s more convenient to find things out beforehand. Maybe when you’re comparing two similar items, one will be easier to care for? That could be a major factor that impacts your decision.

Whether you decide to buy a long wool coat or a shorter one, care instructions are usually very similar. After all, it’s the material itself that requires a more delicate approach. Most care guides will tell you to avoid bleaching, iron at low heat and only dry clean without tumble drying.

Look for information about the models in the picture

It’s easy to fall in love with an item just by looking at pictures in the product catalogue. However, it might look completely different on you. Smart brands also provide information about the model in the picture, usually listing the height and size of the model. Compare your body shape and physical characteristics to find the best fit online.

Look for sizing guides

If you’re unsure about which size of that cute belted wool coat you should get, make sure to look for a size guide on the product page. More often than not, sellers list sizing charts to help customers make a more informed decision about their purchase.

Look into whether the particular item is oversized, undersized or just right. If you aren’t able to find a sizing chart, you can definitely make an inquiry to the customer support.

Brand reputation is very important

When you’re buying a quality piece of clothing like a wool coat, you definitely want an item that’s not only going to look good, but also last long. High-quality manufacturing takes time and effort, this is why quality wool coats are not that easy to find. Only a handful of brands have the technology and the know-how to produce stylish, good-looking and durable wool clothing.

So, the next time you’re online shopping for a new women’s grey wool coat – read the brand’s story or look for customer reviews to make sure that the designer is serious about their products!