Women’s raincoat with a hood – how to make a statement with one

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Who wouldn’t love dressing in a way that attracts the attention of peers or by-passers? It’s a nice feeling knowing that your outfit gets the seal of approval from fashionistas and whatnot. However, making a statement that won’t just look silly might be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide. In this article, we’ll focus on the timeless classic – women’s raincoat with a hood and see how you can wear them in order to have a look that’s on point and making a statement at the same time.

What are the basic rules of wearing a women’s raincoat with a hood in 2021?

In general, fashion trends in the 2020s’ have shown us that the borders and lines between men’s and women’s fashion have slowly faded away. Now, pretty much every trendy outfit consists of items that were once labeled as unisex. As fashion becomes more and more interlinked with our lifestyle, items like raincoats become more and more popular and useful. As more and more people can confidently wear both oversized and slim fit items, something like a black women’s raincoat with a hood is becoming a more common presence in their wardrobes.

So, the first rule would be to not limit yourself to just a certain fit or look. In the current day and age, pretty much everything can be worn together as even anti-trends and anti-fashion are commonly labeled as fashionable.

But if you want something safe, a short raincoat or a women’s quilted jacket can be worn with an oversized dress. This can accentuate your hair color, hairstyle, and even top-level accessories like sunglasses, earrings, etc. Skater dresses are a very classic choice to combine with a raincoat in order to make your outfit a bona fide head-turner. One more option is to wear patterns and prints on the under layers. A simple piece like a white button-up shirt is nice and all, but remember that you’re going for a statement, so something a bit more extra might be necessary.

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Most people misconstrue making a fashion statement by wearing flashy and/or expensive clothes. If you plop on a 10,000$ dress, it won’t automatically turn you into a legend in the fashion world. Do you remember the raw meat dress that Lady Gaga once wore on the red carpet? A lot of people remember it and why? Because it suited her alternative, extravagant, and very shocking character of the entertainment industry.

If someone like a politician or Catherine Zeta-Jones would’ve done that, you would be left to scratch your head. Their character couldn’t be linked to such a fit and thus, the fashion statement would become a fashion problem. Want to have more evidence that you don’t need to be wearing a lot of bling in order to set yourself apart? Coco Chanel once came to a huge party wearing a simple, little black dress more on the plain side even. The outcome? It became a staple and a must-have item in almost every woman’s capsule wardrobe.

So, the first thing to do would be to write your own fashion story. Think about your personality, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Are you artsy? Maybe you’re quite successful in your career? Maybe you’re very talented when it comes to tech? Do you work hard to maintain your body and stay in the gym? Depending on your best features and what you’re proud of most, should the fashion statement revolve around. It will only work then when it meets these criteria. Be authentic, do you and then it will definitely work.

How to pick out the perfect raincoat for a statement outfit?

As we’ve established earlier, pretty much any women’s raincoat with hood can work in your particular statement outfit. More so than the design, it matters what you want to say with your outfit and what ideas lie behind the scenes.

Don’t limit yourself to a few particular ideas and remain flexible. Keep in mind that a women’s waterproof raincoat with a hood can be more than just beautiful to look at. It’s also quite practical, protecting you from harsh weather and protecting your undergarments.

The only must-do is to try and look unique. ‘Chic’ would probably be the best term to describe the style you’re looking for. To begin with, it will be hard to make a statement with most mass-market, bargain-basement clothes because everyone has them. You have to source out something that’s unique. Whether it be a very elegant material, rare color, or a never-before-seen silhouette, you have to go for things that are exclusive. Hence, when looking for a long women’s raincoat, prefer items that are oriented towards quality, rather than just being appealing to 99% of people.

Getting inspired by the big haute couture catalogs, fashion events, red carpet lookbooks, etc. But, don’t just blindly follow them as something that was done before can never be a genuine fashion statement…

Some final words

Alright, that last sentence could’ve sounded harsh. What we want to address is the fact that you have to try and look unique. Even small details like over-the-top white sneakers with wings or ripped jeans with a formal-looking coat can be a statement in the right environment.

When it comes to styling women’s raincoats, you have almost limitless creative freedom. Try to analyze your own personality and look for ways to accentuate your best features and/or send a message. Look rebellious if you’re the type of person that always goes against the flow. Wear a suit with baggy pants when you’re all about that street dancing and don’t be afraid to experiment.