Keep warm and stay chic – a short guide on wool jackets

Women's Wool Coat SERENITY Grey Mel

The cold season (fall, winter, early spring) is probably the time when it becomes the hardest to look trendy. The need for warm clothes that are also practical becomes stronger, and many will choose function over looks. No one wants to freeze and catch a cold!

The good news is you don’t always have to compromise. There is a possibility to stay warm and look chic at the same time. How? Well, let’s look at the wool jackets and how you can get the best of both worlds by wearing them.

Flexibility for what you can wear under the wool jacket

Try and imagine yourself with a cute wool jacket. What else are you wearing with it? Is it a casual white t-shirt? Or maybe something more extravagant pops into your mind, like a long leather skirt? And how about a black dress with black tights? What we want to highlight is the fact that a wool coat or a wool jacket goes so well with so many things. Most modern-day jackets draw the perfect line between casual and formal, which means that you can wear them on your night out or when going to work.

In terms of colour palettes, classics reign supreme

When you look at high-end fashion designs, quality is usually associated with subtle elegance.

When you’re trying to find a trendy wool jacket for women, you can probably notice that there is a wide array of similar tones and colours. Grey, black, dark blue, red, beige, brown and white dominate the landscape. These tones blend with the cold season environment and are some of the easiest to care for, as well.

These colours are usually a safer purchase too and will last for many seasons. Something more extravagant, like animal prints or really bright colours, usually comes in and out of fashion very quickly, making it hard to put them in your capsule wardrobe or having a reliable option for the foreseeable future.

Versatile choice of fits

When you’re browsing the catalogues for a wool coat or jacket, you will probably spot the wide variety of fits that are available. You have long, thin, long and thick, medium-length wool jackets, cosy jackets with hoods, and more.

Thus, you can give yourself full freedom to choose something that suits your personality and style. Pick a wool bumper jacket to look cool with jeans or skirts, or choose a longer coat to have something that goes better with high heels.

Finding the best fit is interlinked with knowing your body shape. If you know your body, you can find the clothes that look best on you.