How to choose the best wool jacket for women?

This article will introduce the readers to different types of wool jackets available out there from all over the World, highlighting their pros and cons. Choosing a regular wool jacket or a wool bumper jacket is always a smart choice in terms of your wardrobe because they’re very versatile and can be easily worn with a lot of different styles and looks.

First and foremost – What is a wool jacket?

The most common type of wool jacket is the regular one. These items are made out of 100% pure wool. The pros to this kind of jacket are that you can wear it during much harsher weather, unlike with some coats that are much thinner. Also, they don’t irritate sensitive skin types and are very easy to care for. The cons to this type of jacket are that they’re often too hot during the warm season, not to mention the fact that you can’t simply take it off when it’s hot.

If you live somewhere, where the winters are harsh or if you often feel cold outside, do get a wool jacket or look at thicker women’s long winter coats that also offer supreme insulation and amazing comfort at the same time.

What to look for when buying a wool jacket, what to avoid, and tips on care

Our pro tip would be to avoid jackets that are made purely of synthetic fibers or have huge percentages of synthetics in the composition. They won’t provide warmth and will only serve to make your whole outfit look cheap. Synthetic wool jackets are easily distinguishable and look and feel sub-par, especially when you compare them to counterparts, made from natural fibers. You can wear them on casual occasions or if you need a cheap jacket for the meantime until you get your wool one, but it’s best to avoid using them as an everyday choice.  

The next things to consider are the wool’s country of origin and its thickness. Albeit it might not tell the whole story, some countries just have better traditions and more reputable wool producers. Hence, you can trust the source more. For starters, you should be wary about where the said material comes from – if it’s Australian, Mongolian or British – that’s up to you to decide – since these countries have great traditions in wool production. In general, all EU countries, the UK, Australia & New Zealand are the obvious frontrunners in the category. Australian merino wool is often regarded as the top dog, because it’s gentle and smooth, plus long-lasting.

Care of a wool jacket is not too simple. Usually, the hardest part is to clean it. How to clean your wool jacket, you may ask?

There are several steps. First, you have to brush the wool jacket using a soft-bristled clothes brush. This way, you will remove the fibers that are loosely attached.

Next, you have to clean the surface of your jacket. Use a damp cloth and apply some detergent to it. Start cleaning the parts that are dirty, but do not rub. Avoid leaving detergent on wool jacket for too long because this might harm the fibers. Use wool-appropriate cleaning agents only!

Where to buy the best wool jacket?

A good online shop named the Fraze. offers a wide range of wool jackets for women to choose from.

They are reasonably priced and high-quality. Make sure you check out the customer reviews and the specs of every jacket, before making a purchase! This is the best way to find what’s right for you.

You can also give a jacket as a gift.

The best present for a loved one is always something that will make them happy, and simplify their everyday routines. If your choice is the tasteful the Fraze collection of women’s jackets, you are on the right path! The next step is to do some research on what they like, what hobbies they have, and choosing the right fit, the right color, and texture to meet their wants and needs.

Make sure that the brand focuses on quality and class instead of just offering you  the cheapest possible option without any concern for quality and longevity as well as sustainability.

The latter word is beginning to become more and more important in the world of fashion and when we’re choosing clothing. Some wool products can also be more sustainable than others. Look at the information available on the brand’s website. They can show and indicate their commitments in terms of sustainability and what kind of production ideology and/or concept they’re following. It’s important for almost every customer, so keep an eye for such info!

Are wool jackets going to be in style for 2022?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly whether wool jackets per se are going to be the top trend. Nevertheless, it will always be a classic choice for any winter outfit. The material is durable and lasts for years, so you can stay fashionable for a very long time.

As you can see in most fashion catalogs and notice from influencer posts on social media, there are already so many options for you to choose from. That’s the best indication of whether something is in this season, or out. If you want to find out whether this look can be your next go-to option for 2022, you can do that by going to a store and trying on a few different wool bumper jackets or regular ones. Seeing how it looks on your body and finding whichever style goes best with your body shape and outfit ideas for the upcoming seasons are key.