Finding the Right Winter Coat for You: Plus Size Women

It’s finally winter! There is nothing better than the feeling of walking outside and seeing snow. But if you’re plus size, the difficulty of finding a perfect winter coat comes with all that snow. If you’re looking for a winter coat to keep you warm this year, then we have some tips for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why plus sizes are so hard to find in stores, what styles work best with plus-size bodies, and what trends are hot right now! So let’s get started on our journey together.

Why don’t companies make plus-size clothes?

The plus-size market is a massive opportunity for most fashion companies. However, many brands have not yet made the move to offer plus sizes beyond their standard range of women’s clothing. The main reason is that plus-size women require different measurements, and most brands are simply not prepared to stock their stores with an extensive range of apparel.

However, this view is changing nowadays, plus-size online retailers are growing rapidly, and plus-size brands have been cropping up all over the place.

Types of Styles to look for:

Plus-size winter coats come in many different styles that are great if you want to stay warm this season! The most popular types include:

Puffer coats. Puffer coats are lightweight, warm, and stylish! They can be worn alone or with layers underneath them to keep you extra cozy. 

Parka coats. Parkas are one of the most popular types of plus-size winter coats, and for a good reason! They’re warm, cozy and they look great on plus size ladies.

Wool coat. Wool winter coats are luxurious and stylish!  They look great over any outfit, and the natural fibers help to insulate you from cold weather.

Pea coat. A plus-sized pea coat is a classic style that makes for a good winter staple! It can be worn alone or with layers underneath it to keep you extra warm throughout the day.

Remember – the coat style depends more on your own preferences and needs, so don’t let anyone pressure you into buying something that doesn’t fit your style. Just make sure you love it and go for it!

What to consider when choosing a coat?

The most crucial factor to consider is how much time you spend outside during this season. If your occupation requires that you go out in the cold weather frequently, you will need to choose winter coats that are both warm and durable.

You also need to consider how you move when selecting plus-size winter coats because the cut of your coat affects how mobile it allows you to be. If you plan on doing a lot of outside activities in cold weather, choose a coat with an adjustable waist so they stay closed while not inhibiting your movement at all.

The next step is to determine what color you want and how much style influence you will allow it to have on your look for the day. If you like a classic and straightforward winter coat that goes with many of your outfits, then stick with solid colors such as black or navy. If you want a coat that makes a statement, look for bold colors and patterns to wear on special occasions or when going out at night.

Consider the material. The material of the coats will have a lot to do with how warm they will be. The thicker the material, the warmer you can expect your coat to be. Also, if you live in an area where there is heavy snowfall, it’s essential to consider the water-resistant ability of the material.

Tips on shopping online for a winter coat

– Before shopping online, keep in mind what you already have and whether or not the coat will go with your existing wardrobe. If it’s an item that needs to stay professional, consider how many work outfits could be paired with this new piece. Will you wear it once or twice a week? Is there another option that might be more versatile?

 – While shopping online, pay attention to the sizing. Make sure you know what size you take in your favorite stores and whether or not these sizes will transfer over to a new brand/website. Also, consider how it should fit. Do you want something fitted or loose? Will adding layers—like a thick sweater or scarf—accommodate the fit you are looking for? Make sure that your measurements are accurate when choosing sizes before placing an order.

 – It’s also important to know how much use your item will get. If it doubles as a winter coat and an everyday jacket, think about what feels most comfortable when wearing both pieces separately. For example, if you decide on a trench-style coat, consider how much you will wear the belt. A loose fit may seem attractive on first blush but can be annoying when you just want to stay warm and comfortable during long winter walks.

 – When shopping for essentials like winter coats online, it’s also important that they are available in more than one color. This is especially true if you’re unsure about what color to get but eventually want more than one coat in the same style and fit.

 – As with any online purchase of clothing or accessories, it pays to read reviews from other shoppers on the product page before buying. This will help you decide if it’s the right coat for you.

In summary

It can be challenging to find a perfect winter coat for plus-size women in stores. However, there are many choices online, so make sure you follow our tips above to find the most suitable winter coat for you!